ika'kimaat is a Blackfoot expression which means "try hard". It is used by the artists of Making Treaty 7 to remind ourselves that, although the work we do is difficult and often emotional, it is important to persevere. We challenge those of you who have come here to learn more about the stories of the Treaty 7 territory to "try hard".

We consult with our community Elders in everything we do. Our projects and performances are inspired by the stories from the oral traditions of the Treaty 7 Nations. When we first began, we gathered these Elders together to listen to their stories. Many of these were recorded so that others who could not be present would have a chance to hear what was said.  Ika'kimaat offers access to that same learning that our artists experienced, and their recorded performances reflect those teachings.  We hope you take the time to watch, listen and learn. 

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We recently sat down with a group of Blackfoot speakers to ask them to explain the concept behind ika'kimaat. We felt like it was important to hear from original language around what ika'kimaat means to them and how it fits into their daily lives.  


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A Wide Variety of Video Content From Across Treaty 7 Territory.

Our videos range from consultations with Elders to interviews with artists, from scenes created for our live shows to short films created on the land, from short teasers to full-length films and recordings of our past live-streams. All of this content has value for anyone seeking to understand how we create Indigenous-led theatre and film, and the Indigenous communities who share their stories through our work.


Before we create any of our shows, we consult with local Elders. Their stories from oral tradition inspire and inform our writers and performers.

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Our productions are created by combining together new works by individual artists into larger productions. Meet our artists.


Scenes and songs from our past live productions. Watch our feature-length and short films. 


Interviews with our alumni artists, Elders and community members.  Listen to behind the scenes conversations on how our projects come together and why it's important to keep telling these stories. 


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